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Ultimate Makeup Brush Cleaner
Ultimate Makeup Brush Cleaner

Ultimate Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Awesome Silicone Cosmetic Make Up Brush Cleaner Pad Scrub Board is very practical and easy to use. Clean brushes in 5 minutes!

Perfect for easy cleaning by simply suctioning the cup to your sink, our brush cleaning mat will stay in place while you scrub away all the old makeup residue.

Make it look new again. Bye dirty and say hello to clean brushes!


Made of food-grade silicone.
Superior flexibility and with no deformation; solid and durable, wearable and corrosion proof.
Brush Material: Silicone, Synthetic Hair
Quantity: 1pcs
Handle Material: Plastic
Used With: Sets & Kits
Size: 15.5 * 12 cm
Material: Silicone
Net weight: about 32g
Packing List: 1pcs Cleaning Pad